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Ted Yednock, Ph.D.

Ted Yednock, Ph.D. was the Chief Scientific Officer of Neotope Biosciences, the pre-clinical therapeutic antibody-focused unit of Elan that was spun-out to shareholders as Prothena. Previously, he was Executive Vice President and the Head of Global Research for Elan Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Yednock joined Elan as part of the acquisition of Athena Neurosciences, where he initiated research on multiple sclerosis which led to the development of Tysabri®, a marketed monoclonal antibody with 2011 sales exceeding $1.5 billion. Dr. Yednock has contributed to the invention or progression of more than a dozen drugs in the areas of rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease, pain and Alzheimer’s disease, in addition to his work in multiple sclerosis. He has been involved in collaborations with Biogen-Idec, Wyeth/Genetics Institute, Johnson & Johnson, the Michael J. Fox Foundation, the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation and the Parkinson’s Institute, among others. Dr. Yednock earned his B.S. in Biology and Chemistry from the University of Illinois and his Ph.D. in Anatomy and Cell Biology from UCSF, where he also completed postdoctoral fellowships in Anatomy and Cell Biology and Immunology/Microbiology.