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Investing $175+ million to expand fill/finish capability and capacity for clinical and commercial biologic products in Europe and North America.

Catalent Biologics’ drug product manufacturing can formulate, fill and package your product into a final vial, syringe or cartridge presentation, making it ready to use for the patient or health care professional.

With trained and qualified people, defined and robust processes, and equipment that is capable and reliable, Catalent Biologics remains true to its mission of bringing better biologics to market. Whether your biologic is destined for vials (liquid or lyophilized) or syringes, you can be confident that the automated filling lines offer the highest degree of aseptic processing with your choice of isolator technology or restricted access barrier systems. The team at Catalent Biologics has in-depth experience handling small molecules, biologics and vaccines, as well as products that are sensitive to light, heat or oxygen.

With packaging capabilities integrated within our facilities, we can reliably supply your clinical or commercial drug product needs by directly providing you with quality products ready for the patient.