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Antibody Drug Conjugates And Bioconjugates


SMARTag® technology enables a simple and efficient chemoenzymatic approach for generating uniform antibody drug conjugates:


  • Site-specific, programmable drug placement
    • Proprietary, natural amino acid-based “aldehyde tagging” technology
    • Control of payload location and drug-antibody-ratio (DAR) to optimize conjugate performance for each payload and protein combination
    • Improved homogeneity of conjugated product offers simplified analytics
  • Proprietary linkers-payloads and conjugation chemistry
    • Superior conjugate stability through proprietary chemistry incorporating covalent carbon-carbon bond
    • Library of cytotoxics/linkers to optimize efficacy for each target and antibody
    • Commercial access to payloads through unique chemistry
  • Efficient and scalable development
    • One step in vivo tag generation
    • Compatible with any cell-based expression system
    • >95% tag conversion yields and conjugation yields
    • Demonstrated protein yields up to 5g/L

The SMARTag technology platform was developed by Redwood Bioscience, a wholly owned subsidiary of Catalent, Inc.