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Advances in Downstream Intensification, Purification, and Continuous Bioprocessing

Date: May 26, 2021
Time: 3:00pm BST


Aaron Almeida
Manager, Manufacturing Process Optimisation, Catalent

Session Time: 3:05PM BST
Session Title: Evaluation of a Next-gen Downstream Approach to Improve Overall Manufacturing Process Intensity
Abstract: There are multiple methods to improve manufacturing production and efficiency for biologics, from cell line development through upstream and downstream processing. During this presentation, we evaluate whether next gen technology in downstream processing can further improve a manufacturing platform that leverages robust cell line development and an intensified cell culture process. We will outline a case study utilizing GPEx® and GPEx Boost cell line development technology and an intensified seed train combined with the chromatographic 3M Harvest filter to determine how the performance impacts overall manufacturing process intensity.

Ben Kester
Manager, Purification Development, Catalent

Session Time: 4:00PM BST
Session Title: Panel and Q&A