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14th World ADC London

Date: March 12-15, 2024
Location: ExCel London, London, UK

Foundationally powerful site-specific conjugation system enhanced with robust library of novel linker-payloads

This event will provide you with a unique opportunity to meet face-to-face with the Catalent team to learn more about how our SMARTag® bioconjugate discovery platform can provide ADC and biologic innovators a toolkit to develop optimized ADCs and bioconjugates. Schedule a meeting with Benny Xing, Sr. Manager, SMARTag Business Development to learn more.

We look forward to seeing you in London

Antibody-drug conjugates are coming of age with a remarkable surge in recent times, that has marked a turning point in their development. As such, the 14th World ADC London returns with the first opportunity in the new year to explore these monumental wins, reflect on ongoing challenges, and collaborate on innovative strategies to supercharge all stages of ADC development.


Featured Speaking Session
Date: Wednesday, March 13, 2024
Time: 11:30am GMT
Session: Track 2 – Translational

Title: Catalent SMARTag® ADCs: Innovating What’s Next
Abstract: Bioconjugates with topoisomerase I inhibitor payloads have garnered attention, producing blockbuster approved ADCs and a robust pipeline of related molecules. But what comes next? Looking ahead, what innovations will yield differentiated molecules that can multitask in terms of MOA? Catalent’s SMARTag® platform offers the solution, now combining two payload classes ligated through our industry-recognized stable linkers– all on a single ADC. We will present preclinical data highlighting belotecan+MMAE conjugates and describe how the SMARTag platform, with tandem-cleavage linkers improving both efficacy and tolerability, can be used to combine any two payloads of choice into one high-performing molecule.

Samuel Dharmaraj headshot

Dharmaraj (Sam) Samuel
Director Protein Science
Catalent Biologics