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Human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) enable availability of next-generation cell therapies for broader patient population at a faster turnaround time for a variety of disease areas. Our end-to-end value chain offering tackles critical unmet needs in industrializing iPSC workflow and accelerating their path into clinic and commercial scale.

Catalent’s iPSC GMP cell banks utilize specialized reprogramming technology to transform commercial-use donor consented, clinically approved, cord blood collections into HLA-homozygous lines that are immune compatible with a wide population. These cell banks are EU GMP-compliant and achieve extensive characterization of both the iPSC lines and the corresponding donor tissue.

Whether you are using Catalent’s iPSC cell banks or providing your own cell line(s), our cell and gene therapy custom development and manufacturing expertise provides an integrated vision from plasmid DNA manufacturing, process assessment and development, manufacturing scaleup to analytical method development. Our dedicated iPSC expert team is comprised of the right blend of iPSC scientists and manufacturing experts working together to develop the next-generation scalable platforms to manufacture iPSC-based therapies.

Our complete toolkit offers the building blocks to industrialize iPSC-based cell therapies:

With global facilities and clinical- through commercial-scale production capabilities, our team is ready to deliver a full value chain offering for your iPSC program with the right tools, services and expertise to accelerate your path to clinic.