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Cell Therapy Integrated Solutions

The cell therapy industry has seen aggressive growth over the last several years. This is in part due to market approvals for  CAR-T therapies offering durable cures for cancer. Learnings from the CAR-T therapeutic pipeline has led to engineering modifications for the next generation of cell therapy products entering the clinic, aiming to improve both safety and efficacy.  These include the expansion of applications of CAR-T into solid tumor treatments, innovations using a wider range of cell types (NK, TIL, Macrophages, iPSCs), and allogeneic (“off the shelf”) approaches for scalable treatments.

The Catalent Cell & Gene Therapy team is actively engaged in projects across the advanced therapeutics portfolio. We are dedicated to expanding our capacity and capabilities within a dynamic market to meet the growing demands of our customers. Catalent is a partner to many COVID-19 treatments across their biologics portfolio and is committed to supporting safe and effective treatments for this global pandemic. Additionally, our strategic partnerships within cell therapy also support the emerging applications of MSCs within COVID-19 therapeutics. Catalent’s cell and gene therapy teams serve our customers as an integrated partner with close to a decade of expertise across the entire process from early risk-assessment to viral vector production for gene-enabled cell therapies, along with custom analytical development and manufacturing services. Our scalable and commercially-ready solutions across autologous and allogeneic modalities, from early development to late-stage therapeutics, help accelerate your path to market within an agile CGMP infrastructure. Additionally, our Clinical Supply Services team is prepared to support the future delivery of your product to the clinic with deep frozen and cryogenic storage capabilities and Case Management Services for end-to-end supply chain management for critical shipments.

Our teams are committed to addressing the gaps that exist within both autologous and allogeneic cell therapy process development and manufacturing.  As unique as the therapies themselves, every path from the bench to the clinic is tailored to ensure that your results are timely and efficient. We optimize the supply chain per the needs of your specific cell type  and treatment type and streamline your manufacturing process for optimal cell potency. Our best-in-class manufacturing facilities and scientific know-how give our customers an advantage in reducing the complexities of bringing a cell therapy to market faster.