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Cell Therapy Process Development

Cell therapy manufacturing requires optimizing scalability of biological materials that are innately variable. While undertaking these complexities, our team has been developing scalable processes for more than a decade. Our expertise spans a multitude of cell types for both autologous and allogeneic therapy development.

Catalent has made significant investments in capacity expansions to meet the growing demand of our customers. We continue to invest in innovative methodologies to drive process efficiencies at scale and accelerate your therapies to commercial ready state within a dynamic and fast-tracked clinical landscape.

With cell therapy products moving at an accelerated pace within the clinical pipeline, timelines for development and manufacturing are also compressed, requiring quick expert decision making in the early development phases. Catalent is your CDMO of choice, focused on speed, simplicity, and reproducibility. We develop custom programs with a future commercial mindset. Our team of highly dedicated experts combine their robust experience in CGMP manufacturing with a technology-focused approach to enable you to reach your milestones quicker and more efficiently.