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Antibody-drug Conjugates & Bioconjugates


antibody-drug conjugatesAntibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) combine the targeted binding specificity and pharmacological advantages of monoclonal antibodies with the potency advantages of small molecule chemotherapy agents via conjugation with chemical linkers.  With 10 approved products and a large and growing list of programs in clinical and pre-clinical development, ADCs and other bioconjugates are emerging as one of the fastest-growing development areas in biologic anti-cancer treatment and beyond.

The SMARTag® technology platform offers ADC and biologics innovators a toolkit to develop optimized ADCs and bioconjugates. The technology overcomes the limitations associated with conventional protein chemistries that produce heterogeneous products with variable conjugate potency, toxicity, and stability. It enables site-specific, controlled drug-protein conjugation and uses only naturally occurring protein modifications requiring minimal cell-line engineering. The SMARTag® technology is agnostic to payload and is compatible with cytotoxic and non-cytotoxic payloads, including nucleic acids and peptides.



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