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Getting Your Biologic To Clinic Faster And More Efficiently

Summary: There are multiple opportunities for companies to speed time to clinic, which impacts the speed to market. Processes such as dose form development and clinical trial planning can be started earlier to reduce issues and delays. In addition, adopting pre-qualified and/or single-use manufacturing equipment can help speed up manufacturing timelines.

When there is a need to outsource development and manufacturing, there is a clear benefit to choose a partner that has end-to-end capabilities and can perform these parallel processes. Information gathered during formulation development or other typically later stage processes can enable companies to make adjustments sooner and avoid costly rework and delays.

Watch this webinar to learn the considerations for biologic development and strategies to remove steps from the critical path to the clinic and to learn how these tools and solutions can be leveraged to quickly move a product from Phase I through Phase III and on to process qualification and commercial production.

Click here to view the Webinar.

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