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Catalent’s Cell & Gene Therapy track record speaks for itself. We have worked with more than 20 premier cell and gene therapy innovators. We have experience with more than 275 autologous batches, 15 allogeneic batches, and 60 gene therapy programs. Catalent also has programs underway to scale-up the first allogeneic CAR-T therapy and the first commercial gene therapy treatment. We have over a decade of experience serving our cell therapy clients across the US and Europe from process development through manufacturing optimization. Our combined scale-up power between the cell and gene therapy business strongly positions Catalent as the full-service provider of manufacturing autologous and allogeneic treatments globally.

At Catalent, we operate with a patient first vision. Your success is our success and we believe in creating a strong partnership together with our clients to deliver on our shared vision of saving lives each day with innovative treatments.