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Cell Type Expertise

The Catalent Cell Therapy team has nearly a decade of experience in the development and manufacture of autologous and allogeneic therapies. Our technology experts have worked with a wide selection of cell types enabling our clients to progress therapies to the market faster. As cell therapy technologies are advancing from autologous to allogeneic manufacturing, from single modifications to genome-editing, or from donor-sourced cells to iPSC-derived cells, Catalent is making investments to stay at pace with the manufacturability of these innovative technologies. Everything we do at Catalent is about scaling quickly, effectively, and safely.

Catalent implements an in-house developed Manufacturing by Design (MbD) methodology which incorporates key manufacturing attributes that are typically left behind in the Quality by Design (QbD) process. This integrated, end-to-end vision of the manufacturing supply chain enables Catalent to more successfully overcome complexities associated with cell therapy manufacturing.