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Development Strategies for Difficult to Express Proteins

Summary: Biopharmaceutical products in development continue to increase in complexity. These include numerous multi-specific antibody platforms, proteins that require cleavage, or other additional post-translational modifications not typically performed by CHO cells, as well as unique protein fusions and various protein conjugates. Many of these types of molecules require multiple proteins to be expressed at differing ratios to get the correct biopharmaceutical produced at maximum titer and quality.

New cell line development methodologies, as well as new instrumentation, are enabling these complex programs to be performed more efficiently. In this webinar, industry experts outline two successful case studies taking complex biopharmaceuticals to clinical production and how the Beacon® platform for clonal cell line selection and the use of ambr® bioreactor systems will help improve development timelines and the quality of the cell lines for these types of molecules. Watch the webinar to learn about new technologies that improve the robustness of cell line and process development platforms.

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