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Next-Generation Vaccines

Vaccine development begins at the bench. Whether your vaccine program requires the expression and purification of proteins, virus-like-particles, polysaccharide conjugated vaccines, recombinant viral vectors, or live-attenuated pathogens (viruses/bacteria), Catalent will help you with your research and pre-clinical vaccine studies. As the project advances, we will also provide cGMP manufacturing services to bring your vaccine candidate through clinical trials.

Viral Capabilities Include:

  • VLP Candidate Vaccines (E. coli, Mammalian, Insect)
    • Influenza, HPV, Rotavirus, HIV, Ebola, JCV, CMV, BKV
  • Antigen Candidate Vaccines (including Conjugated Vaccines)
    • Salmonella, S. Pneumoniae, Cholera, Chlamydia
  • VEE – Replicons (Ebola – Zaire, Sudan & Marburg Virus)
  • Live & Live-attenuated Viral & Bacterial Vaccines
    • RSV, CMV, Zika, Shigella, S. Pneumoniae (15 strains), C .Diphtheriae, Chlamydia