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CAR-T Cells

Tumor cells, both solid and suspension, have mechanisms to establish themselves in the host and avoid eradication from our body’s immune defense systems. In order to bypass the cancer cell’s firewall, T-cells referred to as Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR)-T cells, are genetically modified and reprogrammed to target molecules on the surface of tumor cells. One of the key advantages of CAR-T therapy is the patient’s ability to fight recurrence more effectively as CAR-T cells continue to replicate in vivo and scout for newly developed tumor cells.

There are an estimated 300 therapies in development ranging from preclinical to phase II stage that are testing the potential of CAR-T for treating solid tumors and blood disorders. Allogeneic T-cell therapies, in particular, are moving toward late-stage clinical trials and commercial registration. With our best-in-class expertise in T-cell manufacturing from over 8 diverse autologous and allogeneic CAR-T projects, the Catalent team is prepared to move your product to the commercial readiness phase. Our team also has programs underway to scale-up the first allogeneic CAR-T therapy. Catalent continues to make new investments in process manufacturability and is prepared to support its CAR-T initiatives with viral vector production from our Gene Therapy team.