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Viral Expertise

The Gene Therapy team at Catalent brings more than 30 years of development and manufacturing expertise to your customized program. Our technology experts have worked with a large selection of viral systems including Lentivirus, Baculovirus, Adenovirus, Herpesvirus, Retrovirus and the industry-leading Adeno-associated Virus (AAV).

Our scientists and development teams are well-versed in the daily challenges related to the creation of stable, high-producing engineered cell lines across both adherent and suspension systems and a variety viral vectors and serotypes. This technical expertise, coupled with our years of experience with adaptation of these processes to larger-scale bioreactor systems, enables Catalent to be a strong, collaborative partner throughout your program.

AAV, or adeno-associated virus, is considered the gold standard for in vivo therapeutic gene delivery and has become the leading viral vector choice for gene therapies today. As one of the field’s most effective delivery tools, AAV has seen strong clinical success and recent improvements in related technology and approaches have made AAV production more easily scalable and efficient to meet clinical and commercial requirements. One of the key advantages of AAV is the ability to transduce both dividing and non-dividing cells along with the ability to achieve long-term transgene expression in post-mitotic cells.

The Catalent Gene Therapy team has experience with more than 20 premier gene therapy companies today with the majority of our focus paid to AAV therapies. Our clinical and commercial service offering from AAV development services to our UpTempo℠ AAV platform process and state-of the-art CGMP manufacturing facilities will give your AAV therapy the best chance for clinical success.

Almost all of the AAV-based therapies in development today target devastating and potentially fatal diseases, which severely impact the quality of life of the patient and their families. At Catalent, we employ a patient-first philosophy and share a commitment to rare disease patients and their future treatments.

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