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STABY® Technology

Our STABY® technology provides an ideal alternative to standard antibiotic-resistance selection in E. coli and provides better plasmid DNA stability. The patented STABY® technology includes an original set of bacterial strains and vectors that are scalable from laboratory to industrial processes allowing for faster and more efficient plasmid production.

Antibiotic resistance genes are the most common selectable markers used in fermentation processes to control plasmid free cells from overgrowing the culture. However, antibiotics are expensive and they, or their degradation products, can contaminate the biomass or production product which is of growing concern from industrial, medical, and regulatory perspectives. The current trend in the biomanufacturing industry is to forgo antibiotics in the production process altogether leading to diminishing returns at scale-up due to plasmid instability consequently impacting productivity and yield.

The STABY® technology is based on a selection model using naturally occurring bacterial poison/antidote genes to induce host killing upon plasmid loss. This unique system allows for stabilization of the plasmid without the use of antibiotics. Furthermore, it ensures that during plasmid production every bacterium is carrying the target plasmid thus enhancing the overall yield of any given process.

STABY® Technology Benefits:

  • No antibiotics in the production process, ready to meet the emerging regulatory concern
  • Less energy consumption for host metabolism can increase bioproduction
  • Scalable fermentation process can easily be transferred from R&D to commercial scale
  • Plasmid stabilization can result in higher yields for plasmid DNA

Access to the STABY® technology is available through customized plasmid DNA services, strain adaptation and productions, and/or licensing.