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Catalent Biologics’ state-of-the-art syringe filling facilities include high-speed filling lines that have the ability to provide hundreds of millions of doses of biologics and sterile products. These lines located in Bloomington, IN, Brussels, Belgium, and Limoges, France offer the highest level of CGMP aseptic processing with your choice of barrier isolators or RABS in order to reliably supply your pre-filled syringe to an administrator or patient. With integrated safety device assembly, the lines can be configured in-line, prior to packaging.

Bloomington, Indiana

Column 1Column 2
ContainmentBarrier isolator
Filling MechanismTime pressure and peristaltic pump
Component SizesSyringes: 0.5mL – 10mL long; 0.5mL – 10mL
Cartridges: 3mL - 5mL ISO
Annual CapacitySyringes: Up to 190 million units

Brussels, Belgium

Column 1Column 2
ContainmentRestricted access barrier system
Filling MechanismRotary piston and peristaltic pump
Component Sizes0.5mL – 20mL
Annual CapacityUp to 175 million units

Limoges, France

Column 1Column 2
ContainmentIsolator technology
Filling MechanismTime pressure, piston pump and peristaltic
Component SizesSyringe: 0.5mL – 20mL
Cartridge: 1.5 - 3mL ISO
Annual CapacityUp to 10 million units