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Drug Product


Catalent Biologics’ automated vial filling at its Anagni, Italy, Bloomington, Indiana, and Limoges, France sites have the ability to provide billions of doses for your patients, including sterile and biologic products, while supporting clinical and commercial manufacturing under isolator technology. Your ready-to-sterilize or ready-to-use vials can be filled in both liquid or lyophilized forms, providing flexibility for your unique molecule.

Anagni, Italy

Column 1Column 2
ContainmentIsolator, restricted access barrier system, and traditional aseptic
Filling MechanismPeristaltic pump, dosing pump, and volumetric pump
Component Sizes0.5mL – 100mL; 2R-100R
ScaleMid to Large Scale Filling Lines

Bloomington, Indiana

Column 1Column 2
ContainmentBarrier isolator
Filling MechanismTime pressure and peristaltic pump
Component Sizes2mL – 50mL; 2R-50R ISO
ScaleSmall to Large Scale Filling Lines

Limoges, France

Column 1Column 2
ContainmentIsolator technology
Filling MechanismTime pressure, piston pump and peristaltic
Component Sizes2R – 20R ISO
ScaleSmall to Mid Scale Filling Line