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Drug Product


Catalent Biologics’ automated vial filling at its Anagni, Italy and Bloomington, Indiana facilities have a combined annual capacity of up to 132 million vials including sterile and biologic products, while supporting clinical and commercial manufacturing under isolator technology. Your ready-to-sterilize or ready-to-use vials can be filled in both liquid or lyophilized forms, providing flexibility for your unique molecule.

Anagni, Italy

Column 1Column 2
ContainmentIsolator and traditional operations
Filling MechanismPeristaltic pump and dosing pumps
Component Sizes3mL – 100mL
Annual CapacityUp to 167 million units

Bloomington, Indiana

Column 1Column 2
ContainmentBarrier isolator
Filling MechanismTime pressure and peristaltic pump
Component Sizes2mL – 20mL, 2R – 20R, 30R ISO
Annual CapacityUp to 15 million units