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Our Gene Therapy clinical through commercial, state-of-the-art CGMP manufacturing facility is located 5 miles from the Baltimore Washington Airport (BWI) airport. This location is only 13 miles from our Baltimore City location and close to Washington DC’s 270 Biotechnology Corridor and a wealth of top universities and government agencies.

The 151,000 sq. ft. facility can house up to 10 CGMP manufacturing suites, including fill/finish, and contains central services labs, testing labs and acts as our central warehouse and supply chain hub for Catalent Gene Therapy. This location supports phase 3 through commercial manufacturing of advanced therapeutic products including AAV vectors, next-generation vaccines and oncolytic immunotherapies.

Size: 151,000+ ft. 2


7555 Harmans Road
Harmans, MD 21077


+1 800-545-6569

Harmans, MD Location


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